Our Classes


Good for beginners, all levels welcome.

Our 50 minutes signature fundamentals class is heavily focused on the technicalities of boxing, incorporating shadow boxing, bag work and high energy music, so whether you’re an AM or the Great Ali, proper form, punch technique and flawless foot work is always a must. Master and perfect the 6 punches and defensive movements with bodyweight exercises in between rounds to keep you pumped.

12 rounds, 2 fists, 1 hell of a good time.


Some boxing experience encouraged.

Our 50 minutes signature burnout class replicates a full 12 round championship bout with high intensity music that isn’t for the faint of heart. You’ll spend half the time banging out knockout combos on our bags and the other half ripping out a full body enduro-strength workout.

Overthrow the champ, be the champ. Will you go the distance?



Some boxing experience encouraged.

The standard Overthrow, in overdrive, so you don’t end up doing overtime. Our signature enduro-strength work out compressed into a vigorous 35-minutes guaranteed to give you that lunchtime endorphin release. More focused to effectively hit all the right targets, each class also has a maximum capacity for 11 people instead of the usual 22, so you’re sure to get a personal time and attention you deserve from our instructor.

Ready? Set, Fight!